Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tough to Keep a Minotaur Down

Every time I escape, it pulls me back in.

So the entire set of New Phyrexia was spoiled. All the information we were going to get anyway, only sooner. Others have already reviewed the set. Me…I'm going to spin around in my chair and gloat because I got the name right.

What's that you say? About 95% of the other people in the Magic community also got the name right? Way to spoil my glow.

So what cards am I excited about?

How about this saucy little number:


Whenever someone decides to go ahead and reprint a pet card, you can't help but jump around the room. The ones I'll be slinging will continue to look like this:

The reprint does show continued relevance to screwing up all your opponent's carefully laid plans. Evil Presence nullifies the best land on the board, preferably Volrath's Stronghold or some such nonsense. It also does amusing things to a Genju of the Fields. Finding itself attached to a Swamp, the naughty enchantment falls off into your surprised opponent's graveyard. What a rush!

In other black mana news, I'm somewhat excited by this:

The Exarchs are "charm" spells attached to legs, powerful 2/2's with relevant enter the battlefield triggers in abundance. This particular Exarch brings a creature back into your hand, ala Raise Dead. Or it discards a card of your choice from your opponent's hand, ala Duress. Both one mana spells, but the 4 mana is pretty worth it to be provided with the choice. Especially in Elder Dragon Highlander. And especially when my deck already has this:

Crazy, crazy art frame. But so much fun! Any time a fun ability is the right mana cost to fit into a narrow tutor, you have to take notice.

Do you enjoy pouring salt in someone's fresh wounds? New Phyrexia is for you!

I have to say, despite my nay-saying some time ago, the set is really started to get me interested. Many reprinted old cards, and many new awesome effects. We will have to see what I dig up tomorrow!

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  1. Hey, glad your back among the actually-posting! LOL.

    Y'know I've never messed around much with Fleshwrither - because of it's "sorcery speed" clause, I'm always too worried it'll die before I get to Transfigure it. But it does seem kinda fun, so I might just have to give it a try.