Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Lord of the Eagles, right when you need him!

So Bilbo, Gandalf and all the stupid dwarves are up in a tree, surrounded by growling wargs and a host of goblins with torches. Looks like our heroes are in a tight spot!

Oh well, looks like a dwarf barbecue to me. Someone else will have to kill the dragon and liberate all that sweet gold…but WAIT, what's that in the sky? Holy crap, its the Lord of the Eagles, or more correctly his feathered minions, come to save the day at the very last second.

I kept my cynicism to myself, while my son was excited to say the least. I had forgotten most of the Hobbit, and am really glad to be reading it again to a child who can still appreciate it. The story is truly one hot spot for the adventurers after another and he's been on the edge of his seat listening.

We ending the reading at a fairly appropriate moment, as the team said good night and drifted to sleep in the halls of Beorn the skin-changer. And of course there were mysterious noises in the night, but what comes of it we shall not find out until the reading resumes tomorrow.

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