Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New Twitter Bar and a little bit about Rex: Last Days of an Empire

In keeping with my dedicated up-to-the-minute updates, I have added a Twitter section for you to see when I post things there.

Biggest board game news lately is some sweet Rex action. A game I have wanted to play for some time and then it was right there in my lap.

I will have a "first impressions" style review put together in short order.

My VERY FIRST "first impressions" I am ready to share. The Sol Dreadnaught Fleet, which moves around the board bombing the heck out of things, is a rather impressive miniature.

After a lengthy assembly, I can say with certainty it will never leave my house. It doesn't fit back into the box very well, and the plastic platform feels incredibly fragile. Imagine a base half the thickness of an Eldar Jetbike's base and how easy it would be to snap such a base in half.

Luckily, the Dreadnaught Fleet can be represented by just about anything. So I'll just steal another token of some sort from a different game.

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