Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Can't stop this

I've been working on a new deck.

Here's any interesting set of constraints: I have an associate at work who just found his old Magic cards. He played mostly during the Revised period, ending with some sporatic purchases  around Tempest and eventually tossing the whole works in a friend's basement.

Finding a common interest, he dug them out and had fun looking at all those good cards again. Now he wants to face off against me. But he doesn't want to deal with any of those "new-fangled" cards. So the question becomes, what kind of deck will I build using only Revised-era cards?

I can barely remember any of my decks from that era, but I'm pretty sure they all sucked. I didn't have a very good "ramp". Back in the day, you started somewhere in the middle and worked your way to the fatties. And that was okay, because your opponent was in the same boat.

Nobody had ever heard of Paul Sligh. Or Jay Schneider.

So maybe its best that I start from the beginning.

I'm going to need some powerful, undercosted creatures. I'm going to need some powerful spells. I'm going to need some mana acceleration and I'm going to need some control elements.

First stop, my all-time favorite card in the whole wide world, Juggernaut!

4 Mana for a 5/3 is still pretty awesome some 13 years later. Even though we suddenly find ourselves with Lodestone Golem, certainly a guy can appreciate the original face-smasher.

4 cards don't make a deck, I've still got 36 left. Oh yeah, this is definitely going to be old school. And by that, I mean OLDE SKOOL. Charles Dickens ain't got nothing on me.

More to come, in chapter 2.

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