Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Great Little Primer on EDH

A guy by the name of MajinNecro69 has put forth a little intro into the world of EDH. Well written, and featuring a deck general I can get behind: Joihra of the Ghitu. Cheatery to say the least, but probably cheatery in a good way and probably on par with many other EDH generals. Read his thoughts at the Magic Vortex.

When you look through the entire history of magic, you many start to notice some spells you would gladly cast for free mana, at the cost of waiting 4 turns. If it's the right card you don't even have to wait that long…see Deep-Sea Kraken. You don't even have to go back very far, as the Kraken was released exactly one set before Jhoira. In fact, Planar Chaos is home to another suspiciously synergistic card…Aeon Chronicler. What designer thought this dude was a good idea?

Jhoira is of course a sneaky little wizard on flavor grounds as well as mechanics. See her early appearance in the infamous Tinker, which to my disappointment is indeed banned in EDH. Remember with Jhoira, at least you have to draw/find the spell (not a problem)!

Red/Blue is entirely too much fun!

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