Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Back from Sabbatical

Sabbatical is what they call it when teachers do it. It probably needs to be a job, or at least something you get paid for. Nevertheless, I took one.

The Minotaur escaped from its labyrinth, at least for a short while, to play other games and not think about Magic. Or perhaps that was the real labyrinth, and I needed to find my way back to Magic.

Either way, here I am today writing again.

There's been a lot of interesting things happening in the MTG world while I've been gone. But I think there is one bit above all others I need to get out and the open before I talk about anything else.

You know what it is. I know what it is. Let's get the elephant out of the corner.

The Magic the Gathering Puppet video.

Evidently produced by the more experimental element at Wizards of the Coast Marketing, the video is interesting to say the least. Unfortunately, the majority of the blogglodytes out there have had a negative reaction to it.

I, rather, am in the same camp as Youtube user kb39295: "Clearly, this is the best thing ever".

I appreciate a hobby that doesn't take itself too seriously. And if this video helps us Magic Players all laugh at ourselves (as well as our card-slinging comrades), all the better. Some finer points I would like to make:

1. Puppets make every known form of entertainment better and/or funnier.

2. The purple puppet is the screaming id of every magic player on earth. Some of us can hold it back, others let him fly free at every opportunity.

3. I have never been to a Friday Night Magic. But I have been to prereleases, and the video pretty much covered it. You should probably have enough counters, and something to track your life with, both things I have forgotten and luckily could buy at the store.

4. All those annoying behaviors…anyone going to a card store is going to have to deal with it. Better to laugh at the absurdity, than grit your teeth and pretend it doesn't happen.

5. The most important lesson of the entire video…bring a buddy. You don't even have to be good at the game to enjoy the social camaraderie of a good Magic group. Enough said.

Most of the nay-sayers felt the video insulted their intelligence. I say…if this video insults your intelligence…your intelligence probably needs to be insulted. There are many "professional" players who elevate this game to a sport, there are far more players who like hanging out with like minding people and pounding their heads on the table when their game goes south. Everybody. Loses. Sometime.

And "your momma" jokes are right up there with "that's what she said" jokes…never out of style.

So, more posting certainly to come. Perhaps…a revisit to some more gems from my favorite set of all time…Chronicles. Only time will tell. Until next time, may your dreams be scented by the faint aroma of purple polyester imitation-fur and a faint voice "BANESLAYER ANGEL, HOLY $H!+!"

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