Wednesday, April 21, 2010


When I was trying to put together my monoblack aggro deck back in high school, I only had a few choices. One of these I played around with was Bog Imp. Everyone knows Bog Imp.

What a great creature! A 1/1 flyer, for 2 mana. This card was an absolute steal back in the day, especially in a color like black. Yessir, A 1/1 flyer really took you places. One damage a turn put a man on the CLOCK.

Now nostalgia will get you pretty far in EDH. It will get you very far indeed. But it never hurts if your 1/1 flyer has an ability tacked on to it. Today, I add a card that puts Bog Imp to shame. Actually I'm pretty sure imps in general are unable to feel emotions such as shame. It's part of their infernal, cackling nature.

Anyway, here's the imp of the future: Cadaver Imp. A 1/1 flyer that's also a 



Whoa. What happened. Regardless of its other uses, the Cadaver Imp thunders over the heads of your enemies. 2,000 screaming ponies driving each wing in a death-defying blast of pure adrenaline. And it recurs a creature out of your graveyard on top of everything else. Just 2 mana buys you a front-row seat. But with this level of excitement…


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