Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ROE: My Picks

These are totally skewed to my interest level. Not a lot of white or green, since I'm not focusing on decks in those colors right now. But here are my personal top 8, as they apply to me. Don't get these if you aren't me, I already called ultra-secret-dibs.

Numero Uno on the List

I oohed and aahed like the rest when the big Eldrazi lords were spoiled. I was going to get one, and then the other. But now the Eldrazi I most desire isn't even a mythic. It That Betrays will eventually be going in my Malfegor deck. I will also be adding some more sacrifice effects, since this turns any equal trade (like with Innocent Blood) into a total blowout. Combined with Malfegor, and I get to practice my mad scientist laugh. "HA HA HA! NO ONE CAN SAVE YOU NOW!"

Here's another good one I might have to add to my deck: Akki Blizzard-Herder.


Copying spells is awesome. Will probably be replacing Sigil Tracer in my Niv-Mizzet deck. I'll also be trying to add

Since I have a lot of activated abilities. The -2 really hits a happy sweet spot in my deck, for instance helping Riptide Director activate a whole lot more often.

Back to Malfegor. Originally, I was very excited about Baneful Omen. Now that I've had a chance to think about it, the better choice is going to be

While the damage is less intense for Curse of Wizardry, it also offers a far lower profile. It doesn't actually kill anybody. It just slowly cooks them by degrees. I think this is going to get destroyed a lot less often. Plus the cost is nicer, especially since I want to get it into play before I discard my hand to Malfegor. It's a win-win, plus I predict it will be incredibly cheap to get ahold of.

Did I say I was already adding more sacrifice effects to my deck? Well, I may just have to add the next card as well.

Not quite as good as  Scavenger Drake, but it is more affordable to get out. Hopefully won't cost a hundred dollars or anything, but I thought the same thing about Basilisk Collar. Boy was I W-R-O-N-G. Will get the new Beetle if I can afford it.

How about that planeswalker? No, not the good one. This one:

He's extra card draw…an extra SACRIFICE EFFECT…What more could you possibly want.

Last two…utility artifacts. Don't need these are much, but might try to get either if they aren't too expensive.

It's good to make your general huge. Doesn't do anything else interesting, but could be a game-ender in the right situation.

Angelheart Vial is both life gain and more importantly card draw in one handy package. Because it costs 5 to get out, I'm hoping this will be a cheap addition to one or both of my decks. Once the initial cost is paid, 2 really isn't so bad at all for 2 life and a card.

So there you have it. My initial picks. Am I crazy? Probably…but my mushy-headed card assessment skills are pushing these gems to the forefront. Hopefully everyone else, especially in the tournament world, leaves these cards the heck alone.

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