Monday, April 12, 2010

A Crisis of Land

Where does the land go? In any format, one of the worst things you can do is start to skimp on land. It's a constant temptation to run lean. You want to get just 1 or 2 more really cool spells into the mix…and then you pay the price.

Aware of this, it comes as a shock when I see my deck get mana-screwed in two consecutive games. There are only two people to blame. The deck and the pilot. When there's only 5 land after 10 turns, the answer is obvious. Someone dropped their mana base in the cackie. There's only one solution to this mess.

After much arguing, after a lot of strong emotion…it's time to send off 2 unlucky spells. And they are:

1. Pentavus - I'm sorry, Pentavus. You were going to be so good. You're a big fattie that can split into lots of little guys. What could ever be wrong with that? Truth be told, you don't do as much with 7 mana as some of the other guys in the deck. And you're a Construct…not a Wizard. If you maybe made tiny little wizards, we could probably negotiate. It really boils down to this: you've been in my deck for quite a while now, but I'n never excited to be casting you. I'm always wishing for other cards. And sometimes that card is something so simple as an additional land.

2. Diviner's Wand - I've got stories to tell about you, little wand. Like the one time I actually got to "twincast" a Decree of Pain using my Sigil Tracer. You counted as a wizard that one time, and it really did some awesome things. But while my memories are warm, I have to make some hard choices here and you don't live up to your end in a lot of games. Look at the facts. You're annoying to cast, and you don't do enough with the mana I give you. Look at Quietus Spike, for Pete's sake. I've got many ways to draw cards, and you are the worst way, except for perhaps Cephalid Scout. And he's a creature with evasion.

The deck will feel different, but hopefully for the better. If you've got a better idea, let me know. But for now, these are the cards getting the axe. The blade is sharp, and the executioner is skilled.

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