Monday, April 5, 2010

Mucilage Man: Legend of the Black Wall

Back in ancient times, Magic was more about "not losing" than ever winning. A spectacular tool in the "not losing" race was given to Black, in the form of Will-o'-the-Wisp. So many hyphens. So hard to get through. Traditional "good" creatures typically didn't have trample (even Shivan Dragon!) So the Wisp would be there, and there we would sit, staring at each other. Sometimes I miss those times.
In large multiplayer games, the stall strategy has found renewed life. When presented with many opponents, the last guy you want to go after is the one who can soak up all the damage. I have most recently come up against the persuasive powers of Mischievous Poltergeist, and there are few more-persuasive cards to keep me attacking someone else, except for perhaps Dread.

And trample still doesn't see a whole lot of play. EDH general damage comes largely at the reins of Kresh, Rafiq and other "tanks" who may each develop obscene levels of power, but require special equipment for the steamroller effect.

As we enter Rise of the Eldrazi, my hope beyond hope is that Wizards chooses to reexamine this design space. Will-o'-the-Wisp was printed as late as 9th edition, meaning R n' D still considers this type of effect to be Black's domain.

Let's start with a small, unassuming body. A 1/1 or a 0/1. Give it regeneration. Give it flying. And here's the the best part…give it defender! Few have ever attacked with the Wisps, so why not make it official. A happy part of the overall Defender subtheme. And it would combo will all the other Defender Cards.

Is it too much to ask for a Black version of Wall of Denial? Considering the Wisps were in 9th, and once upon a time Black had access (and us EDH'ers still do!) to wonderful, magical Wall of Shadows.
Now is the time, Wizards. Make it flying. Just make it fly. It's all I ask.

Right now, Rise of the Eldrazi is a world of unshaped dreams. Until every card is spoiled, we can carry the hope that our own pet designs will arrive into the official card pool in recognizable form. Rise of the Eldrazi is supposed to be a slow format: let's go ahead and gum up the works right!

Until the cards are spoiled, I will believe.

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