Friday, April 2, 2010

I Guess I'm Just Going to Have to Trust You

When Lorywn block came out, one of the pre-constructed decks stuck out to me. The deck was Elementals' Path. Each deck focused on one of the Lorwyn "tribes," and this one was of course Elementals.

Elementals are pretty powerful folk, especially in Lorywn. They usually have some type of comes into play/leaves play ability, or at least an activated ability of some sort. And their king, who came in the deck, is a pretty powerful dude all by himself. Horde of Notions.

I would consider my current Elemental deck to be the "meanest" in my collection, just because of the constant recursion and re-triggering effects. Shriekmaw is pretty awesome, when you Animate Dead a Shriekmaw, it's just ridiculous.

Now we come to EDH. Of course Horde of Notions has many varieties of EDH deck. Even without any of his elemental-related abilities, the Horde is still a 5/5 with vigilance, trample and haste. A lot of people just use him because it allows access to all the colors of Magic. Like this guy, as presented by the fine EDH experts on Youtube, ElderDragonHighlandr.

A really nice deck, showcasing an "aggro" side of EDH many people don't give a fair shake. And this gentleman is also obviously a collector…I am too! EDH is great way to show off cards from across the entirety of Magic's history.

This brings me to an issue that has carried, along with these cards, throughout the duration of that time. The subject: Forign Cards. Cards that, as us mostly English-reading readers, might have a tough time understanding.

I am in the minority, I know. And I think it's at least my fault because I perhaps lack a certain level of confidence. But I find it annoying when I can't read my own cards. Especially if they are a spell that's sort of complicated. Lands aren't as bad. Horde of Notions might even not be too bad.

He has a fairly simple ability. Although I'm trying to remember all his abilities without looking at the English version, and even now I'm having a tough time. Vigilance. Haste…and 1 other ability. It should be really easy to remember.

Anyway, as long as they are willing to explain it to me, I don't mind other people using them. And ultimately, I know the oracle is pretty handy regardless, since the older a card gets the more screwed up it typically gets.

Just make sure you remember how your Myojin of Life's Web works, because I sure as heck don't. Except the part where you only get the counter if you cast it from your hand!
Still looking forward to prerelease. What kind of deck shall I build?

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