Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mander and Commaster: the Far Side of EDH

It feels as if I have awoken from the sleep of aeons.

If there was one thing which should have got my creative juices flowing, it was the recent announcement that the format known as Elder Dragon Highlander would henceforth be known as MTG: Commander.

I guess I can see why the name change happened. While a flashy, almost absurdist name might be good for getting people interested, it seldom has produced a viable long-term strategy. That's why we aren't sitting around playing Egyptian Ratscrew. Instead, people like things short and sweet.

Type 1.

Plus if Wizards of the Coast ever actually adopted the term "Highlander," they'd have to then explain the long, convoluted political history of the planet Zeist to their shareholders, which wouldn't make anyone very happy. You'd think Sean Connery would've learned after Zardoz…but nope!

Instead we have Commander. And apparently a bunch of preconstructed decks, but I'm not getting super excited about those until I see 'em. Probably pretty good for someone just starting a deck…but unless they make a 5-color Atogatog deck, I'm probably not going to be interested.

Anyway, I've got a lot of catching up to do.

There have been countless time-stealing activities that have fought with Magic to dominate my fragile attention span. I'll probably use some of these diversions as material here, since I have to talk about something.

Of course there are a few Magic-related irons in the fire, too. As long as its not DARK IRON! You know, the stuff they make Darksteel out of.

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