Friday, January 7, 2011

The Return of WUBRG, the Magic-playing Muppet

There are a few ingredients that make any culinary dish better. Likewise, there is a creative "salt" that, added to just about any production, immediately moves things from B- up to A++.

One of those things, I believe, are Muppets. And by Muppets, I probably mean puppets.

The last time Wizards of the Coast pulled out WUBRG to help explain Friday Night Magic, the reaction he received was almost completely negative. At least according to the Internet bad-things-storm surrounding his passage.

That's okay, though, because these people lack a sense of humor.

I, on the other hand, can see a Muppet for a Muppet.

Like any form of art, you have to pause and devote your full attention, let every nuance sink down through your skin and penetrate your very soul.

I've think that WUBRG might be on the move again in the Wizards of the Coast marketing department, and this video I was tipped off to on Youtube is the proof. In the flesh. Or in the fur.

Is WUBRG a little immature? Of course. But you know, so probably is playing a game like Magic. If I can't look back on myself when I see this puppet, what good am I?

At least he isn't proclaiming HERE I RULE, because that stuff, my friends, makes me feel very old indeed.

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