Saturday, February 12, 2011

Not the bomb-throwing kind

People generally love recursion. Getting to use your cards over and over again, preferably in a never-ending loop, has been the goal of many a deck builder. But just because you have recursion, doesn't mean you have good targets for recursion.

I think I may have misjudged Anarchist.

At least matched up against my current Niv-Mizzet deck. While initially I had envisioned casting Disaster Radius every turn, my last game the only target in my graveyard always seemed to be Incendiary Command.

Which is good for getting rid of annoying land, the first couple times around. But then people don't have super-awesome land anymore, and you want to cast other things than a 10 mana cantrip Stone Rain.

Looking through my deck, there are quite a few sorceries. So perhaps the problem is I just wasn't lucky. The lack of a couple of decent tutors is perhaps the real problem. Gamble. Mystical Tutor. Fact or Fiction.

On an additional note, it is a fact: Anarchist is clearly outclassed by his fraternal twin brother Izzet Chronarch.

But I actually don't have the Chronarch.

So the Anarchist stays for now.

Current Sorceries in my deck:

Incendiary Command
Time Reversal (the "fixed" version of Timetwister)
Disaster Radius
Rite of Replication (wow!)
Telemin Performance (who I once decked a guy with)

All wonderful Anarchist targets.

Now I just have to get lucky.

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