Saturday, February 12, 2011

What a weird set

A friend of mine almost went insane the other day when he saw a "futureshifted" card from the Future Sight set. The reworked design, the bizarre location of the mana symbols…the general weirdness of it all.

If you haven't been around for very long, be warned…occasionally the designers do something really crazy. In the cast of "Future Sight" they wanted to make cards literally from the "future" of magic, brought forward into the present day.

What kinds of cards might be in the future?

Maybe new types of cards. Back in the original Mirrodin, we got Equipment. These were the reusable artifacts Wizards had been trying to do for more than a decade with cards like Runesword. Finally a new kind of artifact was born.

But Equipment can only "attach" to creatures. What about equipment for LAND? Darksteel Garrison fills that logical hole we've all been agonizing over. In Dungeons and Dragons, this spell would be called Daern's Instant Fortress.

Clap on (pay 3 mana) - Castle!
Clap off (pay 3 mana) - No Castle!

And if you're wondering about the thought process regarding the weird card layout, take a look here here.

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