Thursday, November 3, 2011

Advertising Advice

So, in addition to Magic and board games, I'm going to dabble in the occasional small writing critique. You can avoid them easily if so desired.

At my work email, I just got invited to some sort of web seminar, or "webinar". This happens quite frequently. The writers of these invitations think of themselves as the ultimate pitchmen, the Ron Popeil of  webinars, or "Webinpeils."

"I know your time is valuable. So I won't waste it. I'll get right to the point."

Looking here, we have found actual evidence of some sort of shadowy mirror universe lurking beneath the English language. When you start your email with the previous 3 sentences you are magically saying the exact opposite.

1) your time is not valuable.
2) I am wasting your time.
3) I'm not getting to the point any time soon.

If you are going to lie 3 times in the first 3 sentences, why should I continue to the 4th?

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