Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Maybe They've Run Out of Things to Do with One Sided Cards?

I've recently caught a bug for the long-running podcast "The Dice Tower" and will gain no relief until each episode is listened to. Main contibutor Tom Vassel is tireless in his reviews of board and card games, examining (and even playing) more titles than I would have imagined humanly possible. And he has about 10 kids, too. I have 2 and that seems to absorb a pretty decent sized chunk of time.

Episode #225 gives a good example of the standard podcasts, reviews of games they've recently played contrasted with news of upcoming releases. And boy are there a lot of releases! Perhaps confining one's interests to a single collectible card game makes more sense after all.

Dice Tower #225 - Profound Influences

Interesting for Magic players, this episode provides a bit of an "outsider's perspective" on Innistrad's double-sided card mechanic/design feature. Tom stresses that he is a casual Magic player, but he does enjoy the game greatly. The choice to start messing around with the backs of cards is really a mystifying design decision.

I've never been a huge fan of "Party Games" but the next party I'm at, I want the traditional role of "The Great Dalmuti" replaced by "Hart an der Grenze," the electrifying game of customs enforcement. Trying to smuggle contraband through airports, combined with a working "bribe" mechanic sounds like the cat's pajamas especially with everyone acting the roles out.

Talk of Hart an der Grenze can be found at 38:00
Talk of the Innistrad expansion can be found at 42:40

After I'm all done with the audio podcast stream, there is a completely independent video podcast. He must seriously never sleep.

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