Friday, December 21, 2012

Target Sleepwear: Checker Confusion

Grabbed from In the above ad, what exactly is going on?

Obviously, this is some type of sleepover. Which I can accept. Of course, no one plays checkers on the floor unless they are in elementary school. And the slightly sideways approach to the board looks ridiculous as well. Both of these factors I can let go because they obviously needed to position each model in a specific way to capture the pajamas, which are the focus of the ad. Suspension of belief, and all that.

But let's look closer at the checkers board. Computer…ENHANCE!

Neither of these people have ever played checkers in their life. Why is the model grabbing to move a black man when she is on the red side of the board? Perhaps she is removing the man BEFORE she jumps it with her red man…except that no one ever does or has done that particular shortcut in the history of checkers, for a fact.

In addition, there are 3 red men taken out of the game. This actually adds up correctly with what's on the board. Except for the fact that none of the black men have advanced to positions where they could have eliminated those red men. All the black men are in their starting positions, like they just started the game.

My only theory is that they are playing "Martian Checkers" and the 3 red men were eliminated via death ray. And then, perhaps the red player is beaming the black man up into the mother ship for further study. Which actually starts making the game sound pretty interesting.

This actually reminds me of James Ernest's Fightopia!, which I have been meaning to print the rules out for.

This is what makes Christmas shopping so hard.

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