Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Bad Cards in My Deck

Electrolyze. The card's is in my deck. The card is red. The card is blue. My EDH deck plays those colors. Seems a natural fit. But how useful is this multi-colored instant?

I've never drawn it. Not in any of the games I've played. I only noticed it the other day when I was tearing apart my deck and saw it in my 3 casting cost pile. Afterward, it kept springing up in my mind. Do I want this card? Would I even know what to do I drew it?

3 mana, for 2 points of damage and a cantripping "draw a card" at the end.

In a regular game of Magic, there's always a use for Electrolyze. If your opponent is playing little mana dorks, this gets rid of TWO of them. It zaps all sorts of little creatures and maintains your card count while doing it.

But in EDH, the creatures all seem a lot bigger. Unless one of the participants is playing Merieke Ri Berit, you probably have a lot less targets. In fact a lot of permanents are going to be able to shrug off a Lightning Bolt, let alone a lil' 'ol Electrolyze.

My snap judgement will be that this is a Bad Card for EDH.

But I'm not taking it out. It must be drawn. At least once. Like a puppy, I must have my face rubbed in my mistakes before the learning process can begin. And, no, I would never do that to a dog. Dogs don't even play magic.

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