Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Niv-Mizzet EDH Deck

The Current Build:

A computer can be very useful in shining new light on your deck-building ability. Step one should always be finding a convenient place to type it all in, preferably in a "cloud" for easy retrieval and analysis from any library, work terminal, relative's computer (great for over the holidays) or other strange microprocessor contraption.

A good place I just found is, providing a "faceyspace" of sorts centered around magic decks. Only problem appears to be split cards…I haven't figured out how they wants these represented. If you know, pass the info along!

The first thing I noticed after entering in all the cards: I apparently cannot count. Deck size is listed as 98, which is 1 card off from what it probably should be.

For an EDH deck, at least.

It would work well for an "EDH minus 1" Deck (New format…trademarked!)

Somehow my brain must shut itself off somewhere between 60 and 100 cards, since I don't have this problem with traditional decks.

Or maybe I do…I've never had any of my opponents count my cards before a match.

My entire MTG play record should probably be expunged. Like it was ever "punged" to begin with.

Okay, a couple of things I'm noticing…I have a lot of picky little card draw like Ponder and Brainstorm. These guys are good for searching up combo pieces or counterspells or what-have- you. But my new theory is…with the breadth and depth of EDH, I could probably find a good card for each of these slots that I could just DRAW instead and skip the middleman.

I will keep some of my cantrips that do other things along with the picky card draw, but Brainstorm and Ponder…your time is limited.

Another thing I don't like is the lack of wizards.

For a "Wizard War" there should be more two-fisted Wizards ready to "bring it on" when push comes to shove. Wizards ready to roll up their sleeves and get dirty. Wizards ready to break some glass and make some noise. Wizards that know how to ride a motorcycle, like that big dude from Harry Potter.

Okay, Dragon Mage…probably knows all about motorcycles. But I want more!

Finally, there isn't enough stuff getting blown up. The last game I played, I found the number of creatures facing me slightly unsettling…and my puny removal lacking in every way. Niv-Mizzet sez: "More explosions, Sparky…this is getting ridiculous!"

So my further goals intend to be

A) Replace cruddy little card draw with more BIG EFFECTS!
B) Find some more Wizards

Since I also notice a wide gulf between blue cards and red cards (15 red vs 27 blue!) I think number C will dovetail into my other goals nicely.

Some of you may notice a lack of the typical combo pieces for Niv-Mizzet…no Curiosity or Ophidian Eye. I may put these back in, but right now they seem like dirty pool in my current games. Who wants to end an EDH "participation" with a stinky combo for all to see?

More explanation can be found here

Finally, item D) is to find a 99th card. So sad.

Anywhere, hope you enjoyed my inner-dialogue. More deck introspection to come!

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