Monday, January 25, 2010

Drink it down, clown!

Worldwake is fast becoming a very interesting set indeed. Spoiled about 3 months ago is Everflowing Chalice.

Already, some are comparing this fine artifact to a "poor man's Mind Stone". I would say Everflowing Chalice whatever you need it to be…either a poor man's Sol Ring, or a poor man's Tolarian Academy.

1. If you get it early, it kicks out acceleration

2. If you get it late, it can increase your mana production by FIFTY PERCENT, if you want to devote an entire turn to putting it out.

Practically speaking, everyone has their own metagames they play in. Some folks will want a more focused ability tailored to their exact decks.

 But Everflowing Chalice I see working to make every other card in my deck either faster, more powerful or both. It gets my EDH general out faster. It helps reduce the casting cost of abilities and spells. With Fatestitcher, I can untap and use it again. With Read the Runes I can get more cards, then potentially sacrifice the Chalice to keep one more of them.

Just think how this monster interacts with the other preview card I was looking at…Comet Storm. More targets, more damage, I LOVE it. Mutation Man would be proud.

Looking forward to prerelease, hoping to have 2 Everflowing Chalices (c'mon foil!) in my deck. If you face off against me, you will probably WIN. Good luck to all!

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