Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Beast with Four Heads

Progenitus may look like he has 9 heads…but in reality there are 4. I am of course talking about the keyword Protection.

Protection is always written as: Protection from "quality". The quality can be anything. The heads remain the same. Per the Comprehensive Rules, the 4 heads are:

1. Prevent all damage from "quality" sources
2. Cannot be equipped/enchanted from "quality" equipment/auras
3. Cannot be blocked by "quality" creatures
4. Cannot be targeted by "quality" spells or abilities from "quality" sources

This brings me to another card coming in M11: Leyline of Punishment

Progenitus has 4 heads, along with all of his other "protection"-clad ilk, and Leyline of Punishment gets rid of one of them. And once the weak chink has been exposed in the armor, other weaknesses follow.

When damage can't be prevented, creatures with protection can no longer block other creatures without taking damage from their attacks. Sweepers like Volcanic Fallout start having an effect. And it might only take one more strike to seal the deal. 10 damage? I always play with Greater Gargadon in my hand. Mmmmmmmm. Gargadon.

For a color like red, where you aren't gaining life or preventing damage to yourself anyway, Leyline of Punishment is a win-win. There is no downside. And you will find yourself slowly gaining incremental advantage throughout the game (potentially could come into play on turn ZERO) from this one little enchantment.

Others are already waxing much more eloquent than me about the other more amazing Leylines coming to M11. I'll just sit here and make some observations about the red one. The punishing one. The one that will be mine.

One of the other spoiled cards, one I just saw today, also does some non-targeting opponent disruption probably won't make it into a post later, so here:

I know exactly the deck this will go in. And its a rare 8 mana creature…already poised for the bargain bin! INDEED!

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