Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Perfect Strangers

The spoiling of Reverberate has got me thinking about the red/blue Dichotomy again. Or supposed Dichotomy because…face it…these guys have a lot in common.

Yeah, I know, blue counters spells and red deals damage. But WHAT ELSE?

There is something blue and red both do equally well…and that is to screw up your oppoent's plans. I am talking about misdirection (aka Misdirection), and more precisely Reverberate.

Reverberate is of course the fixed version of Fork we've been waiting for all these years. It works, in fact, just like the red version of Twincast. Which was the original "fixed" Fork in blue. One is double red, the other is double blue.

So does that mean another Fork variant could be designed with 1 red and 1 blue?

Evidently not, becuase 1 red and 1 blue right now gets us Swerve. Redirection is not the same as copying or doubling, but it is another ability found equally across both red and blue.

Of course, the most effective misdirections come when, like with Swerve, the two colors are combined.

You would be very surprised how good the Flectomancer really is. Not quite Willbender, but close.

If you like messing with people while their spells are on the stack, there's probably something for you in blue…and probably the exact same spell or "mirror image" card in red. Have fun!

Next post: how to defeat the "Beast with Four Heads".

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