Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Trumping the Eternities

The Monday Night Magic program recently brought to my attention a new Planechase variant using something called "The Eternities Map." You can read about it at the Wizards site here. I think it's awesome, giving you at least a little control over what game-warping effect will be in play.

To make it even more awesome, the Youtube example-run uses Roger Zelazny's planeswalking terminology from the Book of Amber, including both "trumping" and "hellriding".

In Zelazny's universe, the "Princes of Amber" are always trying to kill one another as cosmic royalty is known to do from time to time. Rein-visioning us Planewalkers as those mighty scions of Oberon gives a multiplayer game all the more levels of backstory. Dibs on Merlin! Now to make a "Ghostwheel" deck.

Here's his video…

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