Saturday, August 21, 2010


Yesterday I went ahead and posted an Elemental Deck. And of course, I screwed it up. After a post describing the merits of the new Water Servant vs. the old, overcosted, boring Water Elemental. What card did I put in my Elemental Deck…Water Elemental.

TCGplayer user "strongbad" then chimes in with "Water Elemental, of course!"

My failure is complete…I can do no more.

In other news, I love it when someone puts together a really nice deck that uses cheap cards. And I especially love it when that person is Conley Woods.

Here's his white weenie deck life gain from nationals

Life Gain for the WIN!

If you really want to see some awesome magic, check out Conley's awesome performance at the Gencon Vintage Championship. I will try to post a link to the video, or the video itself, but it is amazing stuff.

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