Friday, August 20, 2010

Your Faithful Servant

Sitting here, watching the pros sling M11 limited back and forth at Nationals (thanks, ggslive!) has brought to mind an important core set innovation. The revamped Servants.

We had the classic Earth, Wind, Fire and Water Elementals from the beginning. Unfortunately they were simple vanilla creatures that didn't do very much. There were not many creatures to choose from back then, and the original Elementals stood out from the pack mostly because there was no pack.

Contrast this with today's Water Servant, who's actually quite the monster!

I'm Bruce Lee, sucka!

For starters, he's wearing some sort of giant crab for a hat. But the awesomeness extends further into his play characteristics. In keeping with his element, this Servant is whatever you want him to be.

With enough blue mana, Water Servant can attack unopposed for 6 damage, taking a serious chunk out of your opponent or a rambunctious planeswalker. If you find out some way to buff him, the Servant can get even bigger. What better way than with Blade of the Bloodchief, especially when your deck is probably dumping Shriekmaws and Mulldrifters like they're going out of style anyway.

With enough blue mana, Water Servant is also a fantastic blocker. A back end of 6 is a fearsome wall, and unlike most walls this guy can go ahead and attack next turn for a mighty 6 in the front!

3 mana in one turn is not too much to pay for such marvelous versatility.

And you can make it cheaper. How? The pros love Noble Hierarch. I love Smokebraider. And I love finding even more ways to put my collection of 4 Smokebraiders to good use. Water Servant gives Smokebraider something to do with its mana every turn…how delightful.

My latest list - boom!

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