Thursday, May 19, 2011

Another Welder

Hot on the heels of the Conversion Chamber, I just now stumbled across Myr Welder. Apparently someone in R&D really hates artifacts in people's graveyards. Because here is another nice little critter that sucks them out!

Unlike most imprint cards like Mimic Vat, Myr Welder can imprint and "use" as many artifact cards as he can get ahold of. Hopefully one of the first ones he imprints is Jhoira's Toolbox.

Even if he kicks the bucket, hopefully you've removed a few graveyard options in the meantime. Similar to Spellskite, Myr Welder benefits from a defense of 4, making casual sweepers ineffective. Opponents will have to switch to the big guns.

And it will really only take one juicy removal of a combo piece (Crucible of Worlds, Thopter Foundry) for Myr Welder to pay for the investment. There are worse things to have in your deck!

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