Tuesday, May 17, 2011

There is very little I wouldn't convert to a Golem, given the chance

Graveyard removal is one of the more essential weapons in a slow-moving EDH game. A stalemate allows your opponents to start recurring their shenanigans into infinite loops of spite and malice. Slowly sapping your strength and purity of essence. Surprise and fear are never enough.

Phyrexian Furnace, Tormod's Crypt, and Relic of Progenitus are the staples I have seen used to combat graveyard-born threats.

Conversion Chamber is ready to help fill the graveyard-hate hole. It doesn't go after everything. But it does go after artifacts, a full 50% of the payload of annoying recurring permanents you're liable to run into in a typical game.

What I didn't realize until just now is Conversion Chamber requires only a single charge counter to operate. Removing 1 artifact card plus 4 mana paid over 2 turns gives you a 3/3 Golem…which feels like an incredibly efficient way to crank out Golems. Every other turn!

Only a couple sets back, didn't they give us Golem Foundry? Which costs 3 mana +3 artifact spells successfully cast? THREE artifact spells…and none of them better be countered!

Heck, my Malfegor EDH deck dumps cards into the graveyard just for fun. Imagine how many Golems I can crank out using my own refuse! Then each opponent you add to the game racks up the power that much more.

Conversion Chamber makes 1 Golem per card removed from the graveyard. 1 for 1. Normally, the cost on a card like this would be to sacrifice an artifact. In play. But instead we are screwing around with used-up artifacts already in the grumper. Imagine what happens when you combine this card with a casual Modular deck. The last time I saw something like this it was on the receiving end of a Rift Elemental pulling counters off a Deep-Sea Kraken.

Time to make the Golems.

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