Thursday, May 5, 2011

Starscream Inferior, Myr…

How many mana-producing creatures are there out there?

I'm guessing about 165. Of course, this is counting cards like Elvish Spirit Guide and she doesn't count since she's not a creature when you discard her out of your hand. So let's say 163.

Myr Superion was probably designed to go in a Myr deck. But there are many more efficient mana generating creatures, like the infamous (and delicious!) Llanowar Elves.

Is it possible to make a deck that runs off of creature mana? There is already a deck that runs almost entirely off creature mana. Of course it generates infinite creature mana, so the Superion would be a little useless at that point.

3 quick things I see:

1) Even though these cards are not creatures, you can still put Superion onto the battlefield with Aether Vial., Birthing Pod, Chord of Calling, Crypt Champion, Hibernation's End,  Soul Foundry and Tezzeret the Seeker.

2) Myr Superion has power of 5, enabling all the Nayan "power 5" shenanigans from Shards of Alara.

3) If you go the other way, with Esper, Myr Superion fits in with Etherium Sculptor, Master Transmuter. and Grand Architect (who isn't Esper, but probably should be!).

Creature removal might be a little bit of a problem. A doom blade on your mana dork will stop you from casting your Myr. Of couse they could always doom blade the Myr instead. He's really only good because of his low cost.

In conclusion, Myr Superion is an awesome card waiting for just the right crazy casual deck. He is awesome in the same way Woolly Thoctar is awesome, you just need to find out how to minimize his weaknesses and maximize his strengths.

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