Friday, March 23, 2012

Avacyn Restored Trailer (MTG)

So, about six months ago an expansion for Magic: The Gathering came out called Innistrad. The block was a subtle combination of elements borrowed from The Munsters and Ravenloft. They also had crazy 2-faced cards with no backs.

This spring, the Monster Squad will emerge triumphant, and Avacyn is going to kick some demonic zombie butt.

All cards in Avacyn Restored will have backs, and the 2-faced business seems to be behind us. What an odd conversation that will be 10 years from now. "What the heck is this?" the kids will ask at the comic book store. "Well, they made double sided cards once just for fun. You have to keep them in opaque sleeves to hide their identity."

I am becoming more and more cognizant that the best Magic cards have already been developed. However, a new expansion still fills me with a certain level of excitement that a rogue super cool card might slip through. Dark Ascension had its Jar of Eyeballs after all.

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