Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Your greatest fear!

My fellow roustabout (in the circus laborer sense) Knarf Black recently found a fantastical treasure in the lost archives of Goodwill.

AtmosFear, the 1995 VHS Board Game of spine-tingling terror.

Using all of his powers, a camcorder, and a magical cable; he transfered the never-before-played video to make the most pristine digital copy of the AtmosFear game tape I have ever seen.

I don't really remember how to play. But the video is still amazing after all these years.

I forgot that all of the zombies were Australian cowboys/Motorhead fans.

The original version was called Nightmare. Published in Australia in 1991, it caught on like wildfire…spawning national acclaim, dance parties and even a Pepsi promotion.

The game was developed by A Couple Of Cowboys, the production company of videographers Phillip Tanner and Bret Clemmets. The most popular version for us Americans was undoubtedly "The Harbingers," released in 1995.

At one point this was THE board game your parents bought you if they knew you liked scary stuff. Which is probably how Karf ended up finding a beautiful, never-watched copy down at the local GW lounge.

Future versions would use DVD technology to create truly randomized Gatekeeper appearances and keep the regular Atmosfanatics from memorizing the stopping points. But nothing would ever surpass the original Harbingers in popularity.

So roll the dice, move your Numbskull and pray you draw someone else's fear from the Source of the Fear. Forget going to the bathroom, because the pause button is broken and the Gatekeeper waits for NO ONE!

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