Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Welcome to Walnut Grove Week

Going through the drafts section of this blog reveals one big standout: Walnut Grove. For whatever reason, I've been trying to write about this weird little game for more than a year and been unsuccessful at it.

It's been hardly touched by most reviewers since its original release back in 2011. One reviewer who didn't leave it lay: master video promoter Richard Ham from youtube channel Radho Runs Through It

Which is how I learned about the game. You can watch his take on Walnut Grove right here.

You may recognize Walnut Grove as the main setting for the Little House on the Prairie television series. Strangely enough, Laura Ingalls Wilder doesn't mention this town in any of her books, but it is home to the Wilder museum and I believe the Ingalls family spent some time there during Pa Ingalls continual adventuring.

If you are a huge Little House fan, it will have little bearing on liking this board game implementation. But more on that in the coming posts. Walnut Grove Week will continue until Tuesday the 16th, when I may or may not make another detailed post about Race for the Galaxy.

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