Friday, June 4, 2010

Enchantment Removal

Probably the universal truth in any Magic Deck is this…you never have enchantment removal when you need it.

Of course…you put it in your deck to begin with.

Because, hey, we all know you've been caught flat-footed by enchantments before. But then a little voice starts talking in your ear: "Why do you have that dog Tranquility in your deck?"

You'll pull it out and the brilliance of your original decision comes into question. You certainly haven't seen any enchantments come through in a while. Were they really that much of a problem? Couldn't you swap them out with some sort of spot removal?

For heaven sakes, look at Oblivion Ring! That card can get rid of an enchantment, along with just about anything else. Why don't you put those in instead of the Tranquility, then you won't have a couple of mostly dead cards in your hand…and you can STILL deal with the odd enchantment or two.

It makes total sense.

Except for one thing…it makes no sense whatsoever. Listen here, you put these Tranquilities in there for a reason. You know your kitchen table meta. You live it every time someone comes over to play. You sat there with Tranquility in your deck for 6 months straight, playing against Aggro and Mill and that terrible (as in good-terrible) Jhoira of the Ghitu deck. And then you take 'em out…of course the next game you play will be against Searing Meditation lock-down. It's one of the classic BLUNDERS!

(image from here)

The rule, made short, is that Enchantments are never a problem, until they are. So always be prepared!

Incidentally, I've started watching Deep Space Nine again, mostly for the first time since I think at its inception I was somewhat of a Babylon 5 fanboy.

Wallace Shawn's performace of Grand Nagus Zek gives me chills even now, after the disc 3 of Season 1 is long back to Netflix. "hee hee hee". "hee hee hee". A greater leader Ferenginar will never know.

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