Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Slivers Again

As always, I am caught off guard by how fast the Slivers ramp up their power. In an EDH-centric world were 95% of decks are slow-rolling control it really gets the heart pumping when you see:

1st turn

2nd turn

3rd turn

One shining light: I got to use both Vedalken Æthermage in her sliver-bouncing capacity, as well as the recursive powers of Riptide Laboratory. But neither really turned the tide, only slowing the inevitable. While I put up the good fight, eventually the Slivers prevailed.

The Premium Slivers Deck offers its pilot the rather controversial choice of Coat of Arms for the coup d' grace. Luckily, the EDH Sliver player has many similar goodies to beef up the threat level.

Like Door of Destinies and the always popular Silver Legion.

Who dies to Red Elemental Blast, BTW! Yet another reason to always come prepared…never a more useful one-mana red spell has been born.

In other news, the spoiler season for the M2011 core set has already started, with official prerelease still a month away. I am excited in the extreme, for some reason the core sets always effect me thus.

This time, however, there is something extra special, see if you can guess what I'm excited about.

The current spoiler list is here. Hint: it involves an inflatable toad.

That is all!

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