Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Vision of the First Eldrazi Spawn

Thanks to Rodolfo for the lead on Diamond Kaleidoscope, a proto-Eldrazi Spawn generator from ages past. Another fine Resevered List selection, the Kaleidoscope keeps kicking out creature tokens for the low, low price of only 3 mana. People may not see the bargain now, but that's only because you haven't played with The Hive for a while.

While the Prisms aren't as good as Wasps on attack, they can still chump or sacrifice for extra mana. A bargain in any EDH game! Today's green player is spoiled rotten by the likes of Awakening Zone, but who plays green? (Note: I will probably make a mono-green EDH deck at some point…in which case I WILL play green)

In multiplayer games, you are always going to find uses for a repeatable source of creatures and/or mana. This type of effect thrives in an environment where everyone kicks back and castles-up instead of barreling into action from turn 1 like most tourney "duels". 

They may build more impressive fortifications, but extra mana ensures you'll always have bigger guns!

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