Monday, June 7, 2010

Top 5 Stealers

Today I set about revamping ye olde deck. Up for evaluation…the top 5 "stealy" blue cards in EDH history. In no particular order. As judged by ME.

Let the contest begin!!!!

Uno: Bribery

I've heard of people using a creatureless EDH deck, containing only a single Phage the Untouchable, as insurance against a Bribery attack. I don't think I'd go that far. But Bribery is certainly potent with powerful creatures running around like Emrakul and Progenitus

Dos: Take Possession

Sometimes I don't want to just take creatures. Take Possession also functions as stealy against Enchantments, Artifacts and even PLANESWALKERS. The best part, the Split Second ability keeps counterspells off your back, ensuring a trouble-free acquisition. 

Tres: Telemin Performance

Telemin Performance is similar to Bribery. Except you don't pick the creature (boo). But you also mill some cards (yay!). If your opponent successfully builds his creatureless control deck to combat against your Bribery, Telemin Performance comes at him from the other direction. Who is that guy?

Quatro: Sphinx Ambassador

I have not used this beauty, yet, but he(or she) is going in my deck pronto. This card is a big punchy 5/5 creature on top of a bribery-esque stealy power. The best of both worlds, you can pick the creature and also play an awesome mind game with your opponent. Every turn the Sphinx gets through. Which is a lot, since he flies!

Cinco: Fool's Demise

Bet you thought I was going to say Desertion. I kinda thought I was, too. But Fool's Demise is a very interesting card, and not many people really sit down and look at it. So as a "diamond in the rough" Fool's Demise makes number 5. Here are some observations:

1. Fool's Demise doesn't immediately steal a creature.
2. You can play it on your own creatures, if you want.
3. The enchantment just keeps coming back, unless someone counters or disenchants.

While Fool's Demise may not be as good as some of these other spells, it has a level of opponent interaction that is truly invigorating in an EDH game. Quite a bit of politicking can happen…especially since it just keeps on coming back for more fun.

Of all these, the one I am most interested to play is indeed Sphinx Ambassador. The dream of plowing through your opponent's deck, picking through his creatures like ripe corn, and daring him to guess which one you finally settled on…it warms the heart.

Anyway, may you dream of stealing your opponent's good stuff. It is one of the greater pleasures in casual magic. Until next time.

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