Friday, September 10, 2010

Over the Top with Liege of the Tangle

I've been hearing (and reading) a lot of crap about Liege of the Tangle. About how it's worthless. About how it's yellow. About how it's a born loser.

Well I just think of another born loser…Lincoln Hawk.

In "Over the Top" we meet Michael Hawk, a spoiled military school cadet who thinks he knows everything about the world around him. Just like your average MTGSalvation poster.

But then we meet his estranged father, Licoln Hawk and we find out the world we've known is just a thin, polished veneer over the truth.

I have an Elemental Shaman Deck. Perhaps not the most scientifically efficient Elemental Shaman deck. But I'm no dummy. Like the truck-driving Hawk, under its rough and tumble exterior my deck has a world of spirit and can-do attitude.

It gains incremental advantage through weenie elemental shaman creatures like Elemental Harbinger, Smoke Braider and Sunflare Shaman. But sometimes the little guys just aren't good enough.

Sometimes "The Crusher" is playing at his very best…perhaps after downing a fresh quart of valvoline before settling in for the long haul. Animal growls, screams of rage and fury…according to him I'm "going down."

With my hand just inches away from defeat, I switch things up. A wise man once told me "the world is never going to meet you half way." You got to go it all the way. You have to go Over the Top.

Right now, going "Over the Top" is a Supreme Exemplar fired from my Incandescent Soulstoke…hopefully knocking my opponent out in one fell swoop.

But if I can pull a Liege of the Tangle, I think it will be better in almost every way. The Exemplar occasionally gets chumped by some ridiculous angel or bird. The Liege on the other hand will almost always get through, and will immediately generate as many 8/8 elementals as I need to finish off my opponent.

Much like Michael's incessant complaining regarding Hawk's chicken-fried chicken eating habits, the peanut gallery is quick to point out Day of Judgement. Or even All is Dust.


Day of Judgement is like the spiky-haired punk in the back of the arcade. If I was scared of him I never would have got to Vegas in the first place. At the stage of the game where the Liege might come out, I would hope any worries regarding All is Dust were left double-parked out on the street.

Take a look at Liege of the Tangle. See that little bump on his back? That's Kenny Loggins riding in style.

Meet me half way. Across the sky.

Oh, and Myr Battlesphere kicks ass. Nuff said.

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