Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sneaky King

MTG is a game, like anything else. And much like any game, interest level advances and retreats like the tide. I'll tell you no lies, right now things are pretty exciting what with the Scars of Mirrodin prerelease in 4 short days.

All of my growing deck-building hysteria was nipped in the bud (probably a good thing) the other day when my son unexpectedly voiced an interest in joining the school chess club.

He is 5 years old. Apparently, they go after them young nowadays. The Chess Masters, that is.

I got out the Chess set, spent some time cleaning the dust off the board and pieces, then dumped them on the dining room table. Like a Marksman assembling an M-16 rifle, he grabbed the pieces and lined them all up in order, 8 pawns in the front and the usual suspects in the rear.

I told him I always have a hard time remembering which side the king goes on and which side the queen goes on…he said you just make sure its always backwards from how the other guy does it. Duh, Dad!

So we played a couple games. And I found out a few things.

The first thing I found out, is my son has very little idea how play and/or win a game of chess. They must have started him on initial board setup, and not gone much farther than that.

So how do you explain how to win at Chess?

You have to knock out the opposing player's King, sort of. But you don't really take the piece…you have to "capture" it, which my son was a little shaky on.

Eventually he got my King checkmated, but only after I showed him he needed to cut off EVERY avenue of escape.

The King, we both agreed, was a very Sneaky sort of fellow.

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