Friday, September 24, 2010

Cards to Watch: Scars of Mirrodin Edition

My assessments and card evaluations can be fully expected to be as weak as a Federation engineering cadet. However, that won't stop me from forming them.

If I were to concentrate on my 2 EDH decks, here are the cards I would be looking for in the new set.

First…Niv-Mizzet's potential recruits:

Cerebral Erruption has the potential to do some serious damage. And I even get to take it back if it "whiffs". The fact that it also damages creatures is a great asset, beaming a 1-sided wrath into the ranks of the player farthest ahead. Plus I have a irrational urge to hurt people with their own cards…and if there's one place in the world you should act out your craven impulses, its in a game of Magic: The Gathering.

Niv-Mizzet carries within his retinue an assortment of cold-crazy (lead-farming, even) wizards and sycophantic yes-men. Many of them have awesome abilities or cool effects. Truly, truly, I can only dream that someday I imprint a Mimic Vat with Goblin Flectomancer. A joyous occasion, INDEED.


Only a little worse than Skullclamp, which makes Infiltrator Lens pretty awesome. Wizards are going to be Infiltrating, they will be Infilitrating all up in your battlefield. WAY UP. If somebody gets hurt, I'll probably just draw into something even better. Ideally, this is going to be worn by a big baddie, otherwise my opponent might just let them through. Perhaps someday I would be fortunate enough to equip Infiltator Lens to a Mimic Vat cloned Goblin Flectormancer, also equipped with a Quietus Spike. INDEED!

I'm telling you now, I usually have a lot of cards in my hand when playing blue/red. I may have to actually add a few artifacts to my deck to ensure this thing goes off. Cast it with Niv-Mizzet on the Board, and watch some serious stuff happen. Copy it with Sigil Tracer…haw haw haw haw! All my opponents will blow up, real good like.

Okay. Let's Move to Malfegor.

Malfegor is a special sort of general. He doesn't usually have a lot of cards in his hand. But he can still have fun.

First off, you can never have too much 2-color land. I would love to have a Blackcleave Cliffs to give me my choice of black or red, with NO PAIN whatsoever.

Again, I should probably make sure my artifact count is up to snuff. Because I'm always looking for more cards I can easily retrieve back out of my graveyard, and 4 mana of any color (or colorless) is the cat's pajamas.

I'm probably going to kill some creatures. And when I do, I'm going to want to bring them back. Malfegor only kills opposing creatures, while Geth only resurrects opposing creatures…looks like synergy to me.  Geth is like a big, mean version of Withered Wretch…he offers the expected graveyard hate, but then goes further, adding in card advantage and even just raw damage in one tidy package.

Here's another feverish dream I'm having. I have Malfegor on the board…my opponent shoots him down…I look down and see 4 land on my side, untapped…and the stupid monkey grin comes out.

It brings a creature back, makes them even bigger, and it gives them evasion. Just wow.

Finally, I think just about any EDH deck in existence will enjoy the use of Lux Cannon. That's right, every single one, even the good ones. I won't use a popular internet meme here, because it would be too easy. Suffice to say I will enjoy charging this puppy up. My inner Grand Moff is tingling at the destruction. Especially annoying enchantments and PLANESWALKERS. My prediction for Jace is pain.

Who knows if I will actually ever get any of these cards. Such is the nature of a collectible card game. But that hasn't stopped me before, nor will it stop me in the future. I will continue to evaluate until you pull this coffee-stained aluminum keyboard out from under my creaky old-man fingers.

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