Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Return of Nicol Bolas

Normally, I'm pretty un-excited when it comes to standard. Especially when I see 4 Lotus Cobras. Lotus Cobras have been the bread and butter of boring, boring Conscription decks lately, and I am weary.

My ultimate nightmare is the mirror match. A battlefield bogged down by Cobras and Heirachs. No one attacking. First person to get Sovereigns of Lost Alara on the board wins. A foul taste, indeed.


I just started watching the SCG Open matches from Denver, and my mind is refreshed by Chris Higashi's 4-Color Control Deck. It plays 1) Sedraxis Specter and 2) Nicol Bolas, Planseswalker!

I will watch these matches until my hard drive fails.

Thanks to Mr. Orange for the deck check in full color video!

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