Monday, October 25, 2010

20 Angry Wizards (Minus 2 Wizards)

I'm still bravely sorting cards for my highly-theoretical Niv-Mizzet deck.

100 cards. Singleton.

Today I present part I: The Wizards!

My deck has always contained a large contingent from the "wizards" tribe. The robed ones usually have good effects, granting you some sort of persistent advantage, and even manage to occasionally roll up their voluminous sleeves and get dirty in the danger zone.

I've tried to maintain their numbers in the new deck. Besides Niv-Mizzet (who is a wizard), I have a full TWENTY wizards in the deck (of which 2 are NOT wizards).

In order of casting cost:

Straight from the files of Scars of Mirrodin. Vedalken Certach is either a 1/1 Wizard for 1 blue mana or a constant oppressive force against your opponent's most deadly of permanents. Works on artifacts, creatures and even LAND.

Wow. Does anyone know how to do the "Æ" symbol? I've been cutting and pasting all day. As for the wizard herself…believe it or not, I have actually bounced Slivers with this 4-armed marvel. Most of the time, I'm going to to summon up the wizard I need for the current situation. NOTE: unfortunately I can't tutor up 2 of the wizards on my list, because they are actually NOT wizards.

Probable powerhouse or instant crater? Magus of the Unseen will either rule the artifact roost or be utterly destroyed upon entry onto the battlefield. I'm hoping for more of the latter than the former.

Willbender takes the most repulsive, unavoidable of instants, sorceries and even EFFECTS and turns them to your benefit. Even successfully "bending" creature removal (I once did an Oblation) can turn my frown instantly upside down. 

A particularly armor-clad Vedalken (toughness 2!), the Mastermind saves wizard bacon for the measly cost of 1 blue mana. Rescues creatures, enchantments, artifacts, even land. A better Riptide Laboratory, on a creature body.

Where would Niv-Mizzet be without his Dragonauts? Cooking his own oatmeal in the morning, that's where. Besides meal preparation and public relations work, the Dragonauts are also a 1/3 flyer that gets bigger if I somehow manage to cast a instant or sorcery. Could happen!

I have plenty of crazy 1 casting cost artifacts. None of which I will tell you now. But very powerful, amazing stuff. GAME-changing stuff.

Okay, one of them is Library of Leng.

I need exactly uno additional Wizards to bring Sigil Tracer online, since the Tracer herself is a Wizard. After that, two mana is easy to come up with. Like many of her Wizard brethren, Sigil Tracer tends to do some good things…or else gets smoked the minute she steps onto the battlefield. Such is life!

For a while, I had Aether Adept in this slot. There are a couple reasons the artificial Neurok is superior. Firstly, it is a ginormous 1/4, great for blocking and avoiding damage-based removal. And a much more useful creature. Second, the ability happens at instant speed for quickly responding to threats. You need only bounce the thing that directly threatens YOU, instead of bouncing some big baddie that might just have its eyes set on one of your other opponents.

Okay, not a wizard. But I would be crazy to not have this guy in my deck. He does a very red-wizard-esque job of blasting evil artifacts. I think he's actually a shaman under that tunic, but I dare not look. Long story short, he's a wizard in my book and therfore gets to hang out at the club house.

Hilarity. Perfect hilarity, in a efficient, beautifully-designed package. I could no-more refuse to put the Flectromancer in my deck as I could cut off my own arm. This is actually a signed artist proof from Matt Cavota. Am I cheating? It depends on what game you're playing.

Not a wizard! Even though she is actually a spellshaper (aren't those, by definition, wizards?) Jaya Ballard makes it in due to the sheer awesomeness quiotient. Blows up Jace. Blows up Nicol Bolas. Blows up Sliver Overlord. Nukes the battlefield if I want. There's all kinds of good things I can do with this one.

Untaps any of the other crazy tap abilities I have in this deck. I have a lot. If necessary, he will Rise from the Grave to untap once again for only 1 blue mana. Indeed!

Untaps any of my awesome artifacts with tap abilities. I have a couple. Plus I'm planning on running Ashnod's Transmogrant, (also tutorable by Trinket Mage), to make whatever I need an honorary artifact.

Massive amounts of card draw if I ever get some wizards on the battlefield. This will either call down a sweeper, or it will alert me to the fact that my opponents have no sweepers in hand.

If Niv-Mizzet is on the board, Magus of the Jar turns into a powerhouse of advantage. When the big dragon isn't available, the Magus instead is just a HOUSE of advantage. Still pretty good.

Probably should have this guy in here. He's not as bad as people say. Hard to remove, and provides a potent 3-damage zap (or more, if he's wearing equipment) in an emergency.

Returns a sorcery to your hand. I've actually added quite a few sorceries, so I plan on getting some use out of this little creep. Hopefully I can get him on board with Sigil Tracer, and really start blasting people.

This guy punches the competition. Any utility "dork" is staying down once Magus of the Arena hits the field. There's nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. If you can be targeted, you WILL be targeted.

The wizard to end all wizards. Virtual Wheel of Fortune, glued to a massive flying 5/5 body. 

So there you have it! Only 80 cards left to go, and some of those will be basic lands. But which basic lands? And in what quantity? Only I will know and only you will find out…in a couple of days when I post the next batch of cards.

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