Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Zoo…of DEATH

Deep in the darkest depths of Nivix, there exists a Zoo, filled with the most wondrous, most formidable, most dangerous of creatures. It is here that Niv-Mizzet tests his strength, his cunning and his intelligence against the multiverse's best (and worst).
I have 7 creatures of raw guile and destructive capability, ready to take the fight to my quivering opponents.

Don't even try to escape.

In order of mana cost (most of them are pretty close)

1) Spellbound Dragon
Spellbound Dragon is like a giant flying Merfolk Looter. Who bashes you over the head with the highest mana-cost card in my hand. It could be very high! Very high indeed!

2) Ixidron
The most infuriating place to hide someone's general is back in their library. But the second-most infuriating place is on the battlefield, morphed, with no unmorph cost. Better have a sacrifice outlet! The creature itself is kinda piddly, but the field disruption is priceless.

3) Hoarding Dragon
This Dragon is a tiny 4/4 with the additional ability of tutoring up a delicious artifact. Truth be told, I have never actually played this guy since I pulled him in a pack of M11 at the prerelease. But if Trinket Mage is good, Hoarding Dragon is probably at least twice as good.

4) Sharding Sphinx
Depending on the situation, I might just stow this Sphinx under my Hoarding Dragon! If you kill one, you'll just have to deal with the other! Sharding Sphinx is a creature most people understand they need to destroy the moment it comes down…I usually get one or two thopters out of the deal, but if it ever gets more than that things tend to go well for me relatively quickly.

5) Sphinx of Magosi
Another card drawing engine that also functions as a big beater! With the mana I'll have out, Sphinx of Magosi can draw at least 2 cards a turn. If I also have Niv-Mizzet in play, that means I can probably draw at least 3 cards, 4 if you count my regular draw. And do 4 damage, enough to take care of a great many different types of critters.

6) Sphinx Ambassador
Another card I have never successfully cast. I look forward to the weird guessing game every turn where I try to pick the creature my opponent isn't thinking of. If I get lucky, Sphinx Ambassador could theoretically be a Bribery every turn. But only if she isn't taken out by removal. Fair enough, isn't it?

7) Emrakul, the Aeons Torn
This is EDH's current "bad boy", so my thoughts go in a couple directions. I don't really have any way to cheat Emy onto the battlefield. I have to save up the 15 like a regular joe. I mostly have it in my deck to prevent me from accidently getting decked. And I have a dream where I discard it to my Spellbound Dragon. But how often is that going to happen?

Will this card be more trouble than it's worth? Only actual playtesting will tell me for sure.

If my calculations are correct, there remains 20 cards for me to decide.

Sorceries. Instants. Enchantments. Maybe 1 more artifact? Only time will tell.

Thanks to all my patient readers who have put up with my slow-rolling. I only have a short period of time to work on my deck construction…what with meal preparation, chorework, kid's homework and of course Deep Space Nine DVD's.

Looking forward to the next episode, which frames Odo and Quark the Ferengi against the backdrop of Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot. No, really!

However, I stand before you (actually sit) and make this vow. I'm under the peach tree, folks.

I vow this:

I will not watch one second of The Ascent until you, readers see the remaining 20 cards of my Niv-Mizzet EDH deck.

The vow is made!

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