Thursday, October 28, 2010

One Dozen Artifacts of EDH Power

Scattered maps, old books, piles of "chimeric" on the floor.

It can mean only one thing…my list of EDH Artifacts is going up. There were many candidates. I would say 15% of the cards I wanted to add I actually found room for. Who knows if I made all the right choices.

But you never find out for sure, unless you eventually pull your bootstraps up and put the deck back together again. So I sided with progress and moved full steam ahead.

Firstly, the 1 mana cost selections…

I know Trinket Mage will be in my deck. So I should probably consider artifacts I can tutor up with this multifaceted magic-user. Turns out, there are 6 (not counting Sol Ring and Mana Vault, which I covered in a previous post)

1. Relic of Progenitus - Probably the best artifact graveyard removal ever. At least in my collection. The Relic whittles away cards from the graveyards of your enemies, or removes them all at once in the case of an emergency. And you get to draw a card!

2. Expedition Map - Search your library for any land. Which in my deck can get mana fixing, land destruction, bounce or flash.

3. Library of Leng - Getting to decide whether to discard or put cards on the top of your deck is what separates the Library from less-exciting cards like Spellbook or Reliquary Tower. I plan on having many "draw/discard" Wheel of Fortune type effects, and Library of Leng makes each of them even better.

4. Synod Sanctum - I feel an entire post coming on regarding this sac outlet. Only after a lot of thinking do the complete ramifications reveal themselves.
Synod Sanctum exiles any permanent in the game, except for shrouded ones. I have almost no shroud-effects, another conscious decision I should talk about at some point. Any permanents exiled can be brought back onto the battlefield under my control. Not the owner's control, as most cards say. The mana costs are all fairly cheap, 1/2/2. Only the first ability requires tapping.

Let's say I cast Leaden Fists. Sometime down the road, my opponent sacrifices the creature I've…uh…Leaded. I can remove the Leaden Fists from play with Synod Sanctum. For future shenanigans!

Let's say I steal someone's Sol Ring with Magus of the Unseen. I can tap it and use the mana to sock the Ring away for my own use later down the road. The possibilities are quite absurd.

5. Chimeric Mass - Late in the game I may just want a big creature to smash people with. Chimeric Mass gets as big as I want, with a converted mana cost of Zero. Also dodges sorcery-speed creature removal!

6. Voltaic Key - This makes most of my artifacts better, usually doubling the effect.

Nextly, I wanted to put some more powerful artifacts in the deck.

Without further ado, here's Bigger Toys for Rampant Amok-Running:
Well I speak LOUD…and I carry a BIGGER stick

1. Loxodon Warhammer - The power of the Brokenhammer is well-known. Any creature with hammer in hand quickly becomes a force to be reckoned with.

2. Quietus Spike - Turns Niv-Mizzet into a one-sided Wrath every time I draw cards. Cuts huge life totals down to size in only a couple of swipes.

3. Strata Scythe - Another Artifact to make any of my other creatures absolutely huge, especially in a multiplayer game.

4. Lux Cannon - Destroys permanents. Destroys them good! While the wait can be excruciating, hopefully I can have a couple other "untap" abilities on the field at the same time to help with the counters.

5. Millstone - Experimental library disruption. See my post Here.

6. Puppet Strings - This used to be an Icy Manipulator. Puppet Strings requires a little more mana for the activation and only works on creatures. But it does both tap and untap, working with a variety of my wizard effects for great gains.

As noted before, there were plenty of artifacts I wanted to fit in, but just couldn't find the room. The greatest among them is probably Horn of Deafening, one of my all-time favorite cards. Once I've actually sat down and played a few games with the new deck (whenever that will be…sigh), fully expect this card to come in to "relieve" one of my new recruits who's underperforming.

The other card that jumps right out at me is Lightning Greeves. To many this is a staple that an EDH deck just can't go without. To me, it's kind of a boring card. I certainly know how powerful it is…having watched a player sneak it onto Rofellos while I sit impotently with Wretched Banquet in hand.

But the card isn't fun. It doesn't make a creature bigger or better, only prevents attacks on said creature. People, the beauty of equipment is this: your creature dies…you play another creature…your new creature then picks up the still-steaming piece of wargear and moves on. Why deny yourself this pleasure?

Anyway, I've probably typed enough. I still have 28 cards left in the selection process.

Next up…the ZOO OF DEATH?

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