Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Magicology of Combo

I've just been informed (by Monday Night Magic) as to the existence of Magicology.

The first two awesomest combos I found:

1. Library of Leng and Psychic Vortex
Do you like drawing cards? Psychic Vortex makes you draw cards and discard cards. Discarding cards back onto the top of your library lets you up the quality of your following draws immeasurably, and prevents that always-annoying decking hazard. Will perhaps try using this in my Words of War deck.

2. Anthem of Rakdos, Megrim and Pain Magnification
My Malfegor deck runs both the Anthem and Pain Magnification already, so why not throw in Megrim? Then set off your repeatable free Mind Twist using any attack or, for maximum entertainment, a spell along the lines of Burning Inquiry.

Hopefully I can come up with some stuff to add to this amazingly valuable resource. Go ahead and put your favorite card in and see what comes up!

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