Friday, June 17, 2011

Commander watch…what's in the BOX!

The contents of a Commander box set:

- the whiff of fresh plastic, host to countless airborn toxic substances
- 3 oversized, foiled commander cards, which are actually not super-exciting (but they had to put something on the front of the box)
- huge commander-sized precon deck box…probably will not fit with sleeves on cards
- 100 card highlander deck
- "How to Play Magic" insert
- "How to Play Commander Magic" insert

The Commander insert is actually pretty nice. Not only do you get the official Commander additions to the rules, but they have a neat little block of background info on each of the commanders.

For instance, did you know that Ruhan of the Fomori is blind? That's right, he's the Ray Charles of red/white/blue giants. Also, when he is not waging war Ruhan is a dedicated contrarian, much like the character Younger Bear in Little Big Man.

Nin spent some time originally as a character actor in a well-known daytime soap opera before eventually turning her eye to the pain artistry business.

Zedruu is actually a licensed pharmacist in the state of Illinois.

What they DO NOT have is any information on Numot. Who, even after being in print since Planar Chaos, is still just a big dumb dragon with a convenient color identity.

"Me Numot! Me sit on Spire! Me watch out for SPIDERS!"

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