Monday, June 27, 2011

The World is Not Enough…Slayer

In the surprise reprints department, apparently World Slayer is coming in July.

I am quite excited to get a chance to hopefully play with this card. I have read about the insanity that happens should someone get World Slayer and an indestructible creature together on the board at the same time. But it might be a pretty good piece of board wipe on its own, especially in a multiplayer game.

I think a World Slayer might have a more innocuous board presence than other board wipers like the Disk or Oblivion Stone. At least until you use it a couple times.

Almost as easy to activate, since you just need a creature and one opponent who can't block. And it gets everything! If you are facing some unkillable combination of permanents on the other side of the board, what better way, really. Hopefully I have my Greater Gargadon suspended at the same time!

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