Monday, June 20, 2011

I Love Reassembling Skeleton

I heard about the bannings and couldn't think of a single thing to say about it. I don't play standard, I really don't play anything except for prison-rules dining room table magic. And the only thing slowing that format down is when one of the kids starts crying in the other room and you have to call a time-out until you figure out who sat on who.

I know nothing about Stoneforge Mystic. But do you know what I DO know about?

Reassembling Skeleton.

I. Love. Reassembling Skeleton.

This is the card that Drudge Skeletons was trying to be, but never quite succeeded.

And it will be in the new M12 Core Set!

Second row, first on the left.

Look at that! With improved flavor text.

"They may show up with the wrong thigh bone or mandible, but they always show up."
-Zul Ashur, lich lord

If you are in your game for the long haul, there is no better creature than Reassembling Skeleton. As long as you have drawn at least one, you will always have at least one. Two mana gets easier and easier the longer the game progresses, until you are bringing that guy back again for almost free.

Who better to sacrifice to just about anything? Goblin Bombardment. Spawning Pit. Necrosavant.

After a big Wrath of God, there's nothing more disheartening (ok there are probably a few things) than seeing a lonely Reassembling Skeleton standing amongst the wreckage, twiddling his finger bones.

Give him some equipment, and watch a few turns later as you re-integrate his bony countenance wrapped around that very same artifact!

Truly the most amazing creature ever printed. I want ten of them.

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  1. Yeah, as soon as I saw this one spoiled for M11 I knew I needed a playset. There are so many potential casual decks for it!