Sunday, June 19, 2011

Spin into Myth Revisited

I am slowly processing the complex game of Commander I played last night. There were a number of observations that must be dealt with.

Among them:
1) My Malfegor deck is woefully short on land! I am embarrassed to say it, but there's no getting around the fact that this poor concoction has come up mana screwed on no less than 3 occasions.

2) The Zedruu pre-constructed Commander deck is far too DEFENSIVE. I enjoy a few walls like anyone else, but the deck seems to currently be built from the standpoint of making sure you never lose, instead of might win. There are seriously about 3 cards you can realistically attack people with, and one of those is Arbiter of Knollridge. Nothing like playing a Commander game for 2 hours and having all the players still be at 40 life! And they can't attack me through all my walls.

But forget all that! I saw something last night I never thought of before. The Niv-Mizzet player in our game needed to wrath the board again with Ixidron, who was standing around on the battlefield in his typical Ixidron way. We were starting to run out of 2/2's to be honest. He cast Spin Into Myth on the Ixidron at the end of my turn, then fatesealed ME Jace-style to make sure I drew no gas when it came around to me again.

There's probably people reading this who do such things all the time. It hadn't occurred to me, and I found the interaction very interesting.  Sometimes all you need is a bounce effect!

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