Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Reprints All Around Us!

So the new Commander decks are seeing reprints of both Lightning Greaves and Sol Ring.


Well, actually the reprinting of Sol Ring is pretty astounding. I was standing around during my lunch break at the local card store about a week ago and the kid behind the counter swore up and down that Sol Ring was coming back in a big way in the Commander set.

I had restrain myself from crawling over the top of table and calling him a liar. That's the most preposterous thing I had ever heard!

And now here we are.

Sol Ring was just recently re-printed in the very-limited "Vault" edition. Usually they save these sets for cards that won't see the light of day otherwise. Now almost the same card (only without the foil) is apparently showing up in ever pre-built Commander deck.

Except…crap, they put Thunder Dragon in the Knights vs. Dragons set! Super rare cards are coming out of the woodwork! Apparently I have no idea what I'm talking about.

But let's move on.

Sol Ring, before the price sky-rocketed to…$18…American dollars?…crazy amounts of money, was a card you saw every day.

I originally had 4, and played with 4. So did everyone else. I remember people casting Sol Rings off of Sol Rings. And those decks ran White Knight! Chaos!

Now we live in a different age. I have 2, and traded the other two to a guy for some sweet, sweet Ravnica Shocklands. Then the extended format changed, and the bottom kinda fell out of the shockland market. But now apparently the same thing will happen to Sol Rings, so I probably got a good deal.

But that leaves the question…what would I do with another Sol Ring?

Make a "Lowlander" deck! What is a Lowlander deck? I just invented it, bear with me.

Here are my restrictions:

1) Anything in vintage is fair game, provided I own a copy. This includes Sol Ring and Strip Mine, but excludes any of the crazy stuff. And yeah, people used to play with 4 Strip Mines as well. They were exciting times, back in the day.

2) I will restrict myself to 1 copy of any card (except for basic land). This gives us the name, since Lowlander is similar to Highlander only with less cards. Kind of like this.

3) Lowlander has less cards. How many cards? 60. Maybe 61. Richard Garfield had this part right, I would even take it down to 40 if I thought I could get away with it. A person likes variety, but 100 cards is sometimes just plain annoying to shuffle. Especially with my lobster-claw paws.

4) It has to beat every casual deck I face off against on a fairly regular basis. This means the foul Quicksilver Fountain deck that occasionally rears its ugly head on my kitchen table. And I do mean foul. I will talk more about this mind-destroying card one of these days.

5) It can't be "too" good. I'm not trying to win any pro tours here. So there has to be a lot of fun built into that deck, and lots of crazy interactions. In this way, it will also hopefully be like a Highlander deck.

Can't wait to get started!

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