Monday, March 1, 2010

Dragon Engine

A companion to Juggernaut…I was exposed to both at roughly the same time (and still have the rash)…is the fanciful Dragon Engine.

In the forgotten world of a high school cafeteria long lost in the passages of time, Dragon Engine wasn't too bad. Getting a 1/3 for 3 colorless mana was actually pretty efficient.

Or I could be remembering it wrong. Regardless, this guy has PUMP, albeit for 2 mana which is 1 more than say the color-intensive Frozen Shade.

And everybody used Frozen Shade, at least if you were playing black. And if you weren't playing black…what was wrong with you?

Major problems with Dragon Engine:

1. Not matter how much you pump him, he'll still die to Lightning Bolt.
2. No matter how much you pump him, he'll still die to Frozen Shade.
3. Casting a 4th turn Juggernaut makes you sad, because now you can't pump your Dragon Engine.

I seem to remember seeing an "all mechanical" aggro deck at one point that started out with the still-awesome Brass Man. The most unfortunate result of using all these guys together is the urge to use City of Brass, which is silly since everybody is colorless.

Still, there should probably be a home or bar-type area these guys all unwind at. You know, after a hard day beating on Black Knights and Frozen Shades. And yes, Dragon Engine can get his destruction on any foolish Black Knights who get in his way! So we have that going for us. Perhaps UrzaTron. After a hard day toiling in the mine, me and my other mechanical pals like to throw some cubes back at Urza's Power Plant.

All the power you need!

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